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Equine law practice

In equine law, the horse is the central subject of the law. As an enthusiast, you probably know that the equine industry can sometimes be tough and is often highly peculiar. Since the industry is characterized by limited documentations and meager legal records, legal issues are unfortunately prevalent. In precisely those cases where the horse takes center stage, we make a difference for you. Everyone at our law firm has affinity with and knowledge of horses. In this manner, combines vast legal expertise with specific understanding of the equine industry to deliver high-quality legal services to you.

Equine law

You can contact us with all questions pertaining to equine law. Common themes include:

  • (International) Purchases and sales;
  • ‘Hidden defects’ during and after transactions;
  • Equine and equestrian liability
  • Ownership disputes;
  • Veterinary ‘errors’;
  • Training, stabling, and rental;
  • Competitive sports, sponsoring, and doping;
  • Breeding; and
  • Expansion of your business, municipal legislation and regulations. 


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